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Worker stabs roommate to death over TV volume in UAE

An Abu Dhabi worker stabbed his roommate to death for increasing the volume of television in their room as the former and another worker tried to sleep, a court has heard.

The man from an Asian nation is on trial at the Abu Dhabi Criminal Court, accused of killing his roommate.

Court documents stated that the defendant, who shared a room with two other workers including the victim, got annoyed when the victim tuned the television volume high as he watched a movie during the night.

The defendant had a heated argument with the victim, also Asian, that led to a fight. And during the scuffle, the defendant used a kitchen knife to stab his colleague twice in the stomach, which caused his death.

An eyewitness, the third roommate of the men, said the incident happened during the night at their accommodation at the outskirts of Abu Dhabi city.

He said they were trying to sleep when the victim increased the TV volume.

“The man then engaged in a fight with our roommate when he refused to reduce the television volume,” said the witness.

The police arrived at the scene after being notified about the incident and found the worker dead.

The killer was arrested and he confessed to attacking his roommate during police interrogation.

Prosecutors charged the man with murdering his roommate.

The man denied the charge when he appeared in court.

The trial had been adjourned until May for the defendant to appoint a lawyer to represent him in the future hearings.

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