Woman fruit vendor sells ‘Italian’ hashish

Colombo: A woman drug trafficker was caught red-handed while trying to sell hashish, wrapped in Italian chocolates.

Police confiscated 1,500 grams of hashish valued at more than [Sri Lankan] Rs5 million, reported ‘Mawbima’.

The 45-year-old fruit seller from Gonapinuwala area has been selling drugs in chocolates for some years in posh areas and hotels, according to police investigations.

Investigations continue.


Grandchild kills old woman

Police found an 85-year-old woman dead in her chair after being alerted by her family, reported ‘Mawbima’.

The victim – a mother of four – was killed by her 42-year-old granddaughter, according to police investigations.

Reportedly, the suspect was seen shouting and walking with a knife on the day the old woman was found dead.

Her ribs were broken and she had bruises all over her body.

She was found dead in sitting position in a chair.

Investigations continue.


Man gives woman cancer scare

A womanizer, who convinced a young couple that he is gifted to cure mysterious illness and have supernatural powers, has been arrested for molesting the woman, reported ‘Gossip C Lanka’.

The 23-year-old suspect, who is a father of two, told the couple that their home was haunted and the woman was suffering from cancer. And that he has the solution.

In the pretext of performing ritual, he called only the woman inside a room and started applying oil on her body and began touching her inappropriately.


Pitiful murder over an extramarital affair

An extra-marital affair ended in one death and serious injury to another.

According to a ‘Sunday Mawbima’ report, a 49-year-old father of two who was employed abroad returned home for a festival only to learn about his cheating wife.

He happened to meet his friend’s wife, who revealed that her husband was in a relationship with his wife. The two men confronted each other, which led to an argument and later blows.

His friend’s wife, who attempted to intervene, was seriously hurt while he succumbed to injuries in hospital.

Investigations continue.


Clash between two cousins brings death to one

Sinhala New Year day ended being tragic for two families in Sri Lanka.

Two cousins began arguing over a petty matter, which got serious and one ended killing the other, reported ‘Lankadeepa’.

The man who died was 48 years old and a father of two, who worked a labourer.

Investigations continue.


Source: emirates247.com

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