Starving Yemeni child makes full recovery

Starving Yemeni child makes full recovery

A child whose image encapsulated the dire food shortages in Yemen has been released from hospital after making a full recovery.

Salim Musabih, 6, was suffering from acute malnourishment when he was brought by his mother to hospital in Hodeida last month.

He is one of 1.5 million children currently suffering from malnutrition in the conflict-hit country.

Jamal Al Moghni, a doctor at Hodeida hospital, said Salim was given the food supplement plumpy nut, a high-energy peanut-based paste, with protein, vitamins and minerals credited with saving millions of starving children worldwide.

Al Moghni said: “UNICEF managed to get him in their nutritional unit at Al Thawrah hospital.

“Salim left the hospital in good health. He is okay and so happy. But many children still need help, they are between 10 to 15 in the nutritional unit.”

Mohammed Al Asaadi, from UNICEF Yemen, visited the boy in hospital and said: “The boy will continue to take ready to use therapeutic food so he can completely recover from severe acute malnutrition.”

Al Asaadi said the family has returned to their destroyed village Buqa’ah, one of six impoverished villages on the Red Sea coast, where there was no pure water or infrastructure and their only food is caught from the sea.

He said Salim’s story and the pictures that were widely published around the world has led to support for the villages.

Asaadi said: “In response, lots of humanitarian aid was sent to Salim’s village and entire district of Al Tohaita in Hodeidah.

“Health mobile teams were deployed providing health and nutrition services to children and women; water tanks were erected and filled in with water; food baskets and clothes were distributed by individuals, local youth initiatives, businessmen and even Yemeni emigrants.

“I can comfortably say that Salim and his story has contributed a great deal to help put the world in the picture of what he and his people endure. It did generate such the relief that is much needed for the people of his village and entire district and governorate.”


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