Scam alert: duo arrested in Khor Fakkan

Two men – part of a phone scam gang – were recently arrested in Khor Fakkan.  

The Asian duo was apprehended by the Khor Fakkan police in cooperation with the Criminal Investigation Department of the Eastern Region.

Police are currently searching for their accomplices outside the UAE.

The phone scam gang would lure its victims by messaging them that they had won large sums of prize money, but they needed them to transfer a small deposit to receive their cash prize.

Maj. Saeed Khalfan Al Naqbi, head of the Khor Fakkan police station, said: “A gang member would impersonate a telecommunications employee. They would then ask for their account information and pin numbers as part of their modus operandi.”

“The defendants rented a flat to act as their hub for fraudulent activities. They used a large number of phones and sim cards (to run their scam).”

Al Naqbi added that a team was formed to find and arrest the suspects in a raid. Their phones were also confiscated.

The suspects confessed that they would alter the details of the accounts in order to steal their contents. They have been transferred to the Public Prosecution.

The Sharjah Police General Command appealed to residents to refrain from involvement in any such cases, and to report such financial scams to the police.

“Residents should not share confidential account information with scammers claiming to offer cash prizes through SMS or email or phone call.”

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