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Saudi Arabia intercepts Houthi missile over Najran

Saudi Arabia today announced it has successfully intercepted a ballistic missile launched by the Iranian-backed Houthi militias from inside Yemeni territories. The missile targeted a populated civilian area in the city of Najran, reported the Saudi Press Agency, SPA.

The Spokesperson of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition in Support of the Legitimate Yemeni Government, Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, said on Tuesday that air defence forces successfully intercepted the missile, and that some of its fragments fell on a residential neighbourhood, but that there were no deaths reported.

Al-Maliki said that this hostile act proves that Iran is continuing its support of the Houthi militias with “quality military capabilities”, in stark violation of the UNSC resolutions No. 2216 and No. 2231, and undermining the safety and security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the region and the world in general.

“The launching of ballistic missiles towards populated urban and rural areas is considered a violation of international and human laws,” he added, according to SPA.

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