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Reserved parking space for elderly at Sharjah airport

Reserved parking spaces will be allotted for the elderly at the departure and arrival terminals and driveways.

The Sharjah Airport Authority (SAA) has recently signed a document ‘Commitment to the Care of the Elderly’ with regard to this, as a part of the Sharjah International Airport expansion plan.

The initiative comes under the umbrella of Sharjah’s ‘Age-friendly City’ programme that was developed by the committee supervising Sharjah’s bid to join the Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The SAA is currently providing wide range of services to the elderly including healthcare services at Sharjah Airport Medical Centre, smart-gates, special escalators and wheelchairs, in addition to buses equipped with hydraulic apparatus to lift wheelchair-bound passengers and transport them to the aircraft safely and efficiently.

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