Newly released photos show Race 3 cast on Abu Dhabi shoot

The trailer dropped yesterday, and now brand new photos showing Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anil Kapoor and more on set in Abu Dhabi shooting Race 3 have been released.

The cast filmed at nine locations across the emirate over 23 days in March and April. More than 150 Indian film crew were here, working with around 50 UAE-based crew members.

The third edition of the popular Bollywood action franchise is due to hit cinemas around the time of Eid. A court verdict over a historical blackbuck poaching case involving Khan threatened to derail the schedule, however theactor has received bail, but has been stopped from travelling abroad.

The trailer hit YouTube on Tuesday night, and as of Wednesday morning it had already seen 6.7 million views:

We spoke to stunt director Tom Struthers about the shoot, and he said we should expect some serious action in the movie: “I can say that there are epic sequences, and the director is really happy with what he’s getting,” he says. “I’m determined to deliver the very best, and everyone understands that. I had Salman Khan on set today jumping sand dunes, and he’s great.

“He’s doing everything I say and taking my lead and he’s a delight to work with. He’s doing a great job. I know he’s well thought of in the UAE and that reputation is totally deserved.”

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