Man tries to leave UAE with friend’s passport

uae passportA Pakistani, who used another person’s passport while trying to leave the UAE, was sentenced to six months in jail.

The Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance also ordered SA, 31, Pakistani to pay Dh3,000 as fine for claiming to be another person.

SA will be also deported after serving his jail term.

SA posed as FM at Dubai International Airport when he submitted a genuine passport that carried the name of FM and claimed to be FM.

The officer suspected the picture on the passport was not that of the passenger standing in front of him.

However, the passenger insisted that he was the same person whose picture was in the passport.

The officer found out that the passenger had entered the country three weeks earlier through Sharjah International Airport using FM’s passport and visit visa.

The passenger was referred to the airport security who found out that the passport was not that of the passenger.

The passenger admitted that his name was SA and that FM had given him his passport and visa before coming to the UAE.

He used his friend’s passport and visa to visit the UAE, but records did not mention the reason.

Criminal Evidences reported that the picture on the passport was not of the accused. It was also reported that the passport was genuine.

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