Man stabs welder to death over dispute in Dubai

A 21-year-old Pakistani carpenter stabbed to death a 25-year-old Indian and injured another – both welders – following a dispute. The man was arrested by the Dubai Police and referred to the public prosecution.

The police operations room received information about a murder in the industrial area. Police officials and forensic experts immediately rushed to the site – a three-storey labour accommodation of a contracting company.

They traced blood stains from the ground floor to the third floor. As the cops got into a room on the third floor, they saw an Indian man lying in a pool of blood. He had died of stab wounds in his chest. They also saw another Indian, BT, who had been stabbed twice in the back. He was rushed to Rashid hospital in a critical state.

The police investigated the crime scene. Witnesses said that a Pakistani man, MZA, fled the accommodation brandishing a knife in his hand.

The police formed a team and launched a manhunt for the accused. They arrested him from his room in another accommodation. During the prosecution interrogation, he admitted that he killed one person and injured another, who worked as welders for another company due to a dispute.

He guided the police to the knife with which he stabbed the victims. It was recovered 300 metres from the accommodation where the murder took place.

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