Man on trial for friend’s murder during desert camp in UAE

An Emirati man rammed his car and killed his friend following an argument while camping in the desert in Abu Dhabi, the Criminal Court of First Instance heard on Thursday.

The incident occurred a few months ago when the Pakistani national accompanied his Emirati friend, the defendant, for a camping trip in the desert with his family.

Official court documents showed that after reaching the desert, the group, including the Pakistani victim and two other Pakistani men were helping the Emirati pitch tents and set up barbecue.

Soon an argument broke out between the Emirati and his Pakistani friend, which resulted into a fight. The pair exchanged blows and the Pakistani allegedly beat up the Emirati for provoking him. The other men in the tent intervened and stopped the fight.

The defendant stormed out of the tent, got into his car and rammed the vehicle into the tent, killing his friend. The police arrested the man after being notified by the relatives about the incident.

Public prosecutors charged the Emirati with premeditated murder of the Pakistani man.

In court, the man admitted to running over his friend after an argument but denied intentionally killing him.

His lawyer argued that the charge should be changed from premeditated murder to causing death because there was no evidence to prove that his client planned to kill the victim.

The lawyer also presented to court a letter from the family of the Pakistani victim which showed that they have waived their rights to retribution and pardoned the killer in return for blood money.

The trial has been adjourned to a future date

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