Man admits to molesting girl at mall in Dubai

An engineer admitted to molesting a child when she was with her friends in a shopping mall, a Dubai court heard on Tuesday.

The 25-year-old Indian engineer allegedly followed the Egyptian girl as she was hanging out with her friends in a mall in Dubai and touched her inappropriately a few times.

Testifying to prosecutors, the victim’s father said he rushed to the mall after he received a phone call from his daughter, followed by another call from the mall’s security guard.

“She was crying and told me that the suspect followed her in the mall and when she was busy chatting with her friends, he touched her inappropriately a few times,” the father said.

Scared and anxious, the girl hid behind a pillar, but the suspect kept following her. She went back to her friends and notified them about the suspect’s acts.

“When he felt they knew about what he was doing, he tried to escape. But they chased him and reported the matter to the mall’s security men,” said the father.

CCTV footage in the mall showed pictures of the man touching the girl inappropriately.

The suspect admitted to the judge that he molested the girl when he stood before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

A ruling will be heard on July 29.

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