Gang causes power blackout on Dubai bridge

A gang caused a power blackout along a bridge after stealing Dh96,000 worth of power cables in Dubai.

The 27-year-old Pakistani man was in Dubai on a visit visa when he committed the theft along with the help of other fugitives on September 21, last year

A police captain, who interviewed the defendant, said the latter confessed he had stolen electricity cables with others.

“He was nabbed in September. He confessed during his interrogation to being a member of a gang which targeted and stole power cables.

He led police officers to the bridge where he had cut some cables with his accomplices.

He admitted they fled the scene after stealing the cables that supplies lampposts on the street with power.

Prosecutors leveled charges of theft and damage of public property by use of sharp tools.


The court will issue its verdict on May 31.

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