The defendant tried to stop the policeman from performing his duty and hit him.

Emirati teenager breaks police’s hand at Sharjah

An Emirati teenager has been accused of breaking the hand of a police officer after the cop warned him against driving a noisy motorcycle.

The Sharjah Criminal Court heard the case while confronting the teen with the charges. The boy pleaded not guilty during the court hearing presided over by Judge Mohamood Abu Baker.

The injured police officer testified that it all started when the Sharjah Police traffic patrol team touring the Al Shahba area heard loud noise which came from a motorcycle being driven by a teen.

Since it is a residential area where noise is forbidden and punishable, the cops chased the biker, the police officer said.

After the motorcycle stopped in front of a house, the cop asked the teenager to give him the keys of the bike. But the boy refused and spoke rudely to him, the policeman said. He added that he did not intend to confiscate the bike, but only wanted to instruct the boy and warn him that law forbids driving recklessly and nosily in residential areas.

But the defendant did not give him any chance. The policeman stated that he asked the accused to present his identity card, but he flatly refused. When the policeman put his hand on the motorcycle, the teenager hit his hand and held him by his arm. He reportedly later went to the hospital, only to find that his hand had broken.

Another police officer, who witnessed the incident, said that he and his colleague were monitoring the area when they heard noise emitted by a motorcycle. We followed the biker, who parked his vehicle outside his house, he said. “The defendant tried to stop my colleague from performing his duty and hit him.

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