Emirati man jailed for molesting teenager at beach

Dubai: An employee has been jailed for six months for molesting a schoolgirl and making her touch him after inviting her to use his float at a beach.

The 17-year-old Emirati schoolgirl was playing volleyball with her friend at the beachside when their 61-year-old countryman came and invited the girl to use his float in November 2017.

 As she agreed and went into the seawater, the man told her to swim towards the float and then he helped her ride on it.

While doing so, the teenager slipped into the water before the accused grabbed her hand. He held the girl’s hand for a while, molested her and then put her hand in his swimsuit and made her touch him.

When the girl’s friend asked her to come out of the seawater, she hesitated and moved her eyes strangely before she came out and told her what had happened.

The man was taken into custody after the girls reported the incident to the beach security.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the defendant of molestation and jailed him for six months.

The Emirati defendant pleaded not guilty during trial.

“I did not touch her,” he argued in court.

The girl testified that the incident happened while she was playing volleyball with her 16-year-old friend.

“We were spending a day at the beachside. The accused invited me to try his float. I went into the water and when I was climbing the float, I lost my balance but he grabbed my hand. He put it in his swimsuit and made me touch him indecently … he also molested me,” she said.

A police lieutenant, who questioned the accused, said the latter claimed that he invited the girl to ride the float and touched her when he was helping her ride on it.

The defendant has appealed the verdict and is scheduled to appear before the Appeal Court soon.

source: gulfnews.com


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