Dubai worker says he ‘didn’t mean to kill’ compatriot

The victim was found lying on the side of a road in Al Quoz by a Pakistani motorist at around 2am.

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A man denied in court of having meant to kill a compatriot by slitting his throat.

The 20-year-old Pakistani who works in the metallic construction field, claimed before the Court of First Instance that he did not mean to kill the other man but was only trying to defend himself after the latter tried to sexually assault him in his car. He also claimed he did not want to steal his car.

The victim was found lying on the side of a road in Al Quoz by a Pakistani motorist at around 2am. “He looked hysterical and in too much pain. He was waving and hitting the ground with his hand. He died shortly later after the police and ambulance arrived,” the witness testified.

The incident was reported to the Bur Dubai Police on May 9.

“We found the car deserted on Shaikh Zayed Road on the way to Abu Dhabi. Blood stains were spotted in the car and on the doors,” a police lieutenant said.

Another police officer said a suspect was tracked to Al Musaffah, Abu Dhabi, where he was arrested.

“That man then showed us a bag in which he kept his clothes covered with blood. The police also found a knife in the bag. He admitted that he slit the victim’s throat and claimed he had left his job three days prior to the stabbing incident. He said he met the victim while he was looking for a job. The latter allegedly told him about a loading and unloading job,” the officer said. The defendant told the police officer that the victim had been sexually harassing him since the first day they met.

Between 1 and 2am, on the day of the incident, the victim allegedly tried again to have sex with him but then the defendant felt he had had enough and decided to leave the job and walked out of the accommodation. The victim followed him and told him to spend the night in his car. He then drove around saying he wanted to be away from the other workers. He pulled over after driving for a while and allegedly tried again to have sex with the accused and soon moved to take down his trousers, the accused claimed. The defendant took a knife which was in the car and stabbed the victim quickly. He ran out of the car and came back and found the victim was gone.

He drove the car and he had to leave it in Jebel Ali after it broke down. He hitchhiked to Abu Dhabi. The police found three mobile phones with the accused and one of them belonged to the victim. The forensic report showed that the victim had injuries on his hand which could have resulted from trying to protect himself during the attack.

In the next hearing, scheduled for November 13, the court is expected to assign a defence lawyer.


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