Dubai wife takes husband to police on his WhatsApp silence

Dubai police ferrariA woman filed a complaint with Dubai Police against her husband after his sisters removed her from the family WhatsApp group, reported ‘Al Khaleej’.

She initially took the matter up with her husband’s, but when he did not respond, the angry woman headed to Dubai Police and filed a complaint against her husband’ sisters, requesting protection from them. She also objected to her husband supporting his sisters over her.

Major Shaheen Al Mazmi, Director, Department of Women and Child Protection, Directorate General of Human Rights, Dubai Police, said that such issues can be easily solved by the couple at home.

Major Al Mazmi said, in this particular case, the woman claimed she was angry because she was removed from the WhatsApp group, where women in her husband’s family shared news, views, jokes and recipes.

While her sisters-in-law claim that some of her comments offended others and so she was removed from the group, the woman claimed that when she confronted the sisters-in-law to know why she was removed they ‘verbally abused’ her, added Major Al Mazmi

She claimed that her husband refused to intervene so as not to ruin his relationship with his family, therefore, she was forced to leave her marital home.

She has requested police to provide her protection from her sisters-in-law, too.

The Department of Women and Child Protection is meeting with the husband and his sisters and a reconciliation session will also be held.

Meanwhile, the wife has admitted that she made a mistake by leaving the house.

Major Al Mazmi said marital disputes form 70 per cent of the cases that the department handles.


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