Dad charged with killing his baby son in Abu Dhabi

Dad charged with killing his baby son in Abu Dhabi

Dad charged with killing his baby son in Abu Dhabi

A man has been charged with killing his one-year-old baby boy by deliberately standing on him after smashing his head against the ground.

The boy’s mother, from Djibouti, told Abu Dhabi Criminal Court that she was changing the baby’s nappy in the family apartment when her husband, the boy’s father, entered and sat on the bed.

She claimed he demanded that she hand him the child but she refused as she was still changing his nappy.

“My husband suddenly grabbed the child from me and held him tightly before holding him up on his shoulder,” she said.

The woman said she insisted on him giving her back the baby so she could finish dressing him but her husband refused.

She said the man then hit the baby’s head on the ground.

“I was so shocked to see my husband deliberately hitting my child on the ground and stepping on him,” she said.

She said she saw her baby was bleeding and his head was swollen, but the man ordered her to keep quiet.

“One neighbour threatened to call the police and then my husband agreed to take the baby to the hospital,” said the child’s mother.

The baby died after being admitted to hospital.

The woman told court they had family disputes and would often argue and that this might have driven the husband to seek revenge on her by attacking her child.

Prosecutors have charged the husband, also from Djibouti, with premeditated murder of his son.

The father denied the charge when he appeared in court. The trial has been adjourned until November 8.

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