Crash victim undergoes life-saving surgeries

Dubai: An Indian man is alive today thanks to a series of operations at a Dubai hospital to repair major injuries sustained in a serious road accident.

According to NMC Hospital DIP Dubai, the victim needed a series of specialised surgeries to save his life after his car collided with another leaving him near death when he was transported to the medical facility.

Satish Patwardhan, 48, was brought to the emergency room with extensive facial injuries and bleeding and serious injury to his entire face, brain, eye, left arm and required immediate medical attention.

The emergency department doctors of NMC Hospital, Dubai Investment Park, removed foreign bodies from his open wounds, completed investigation and immediately transferred him to the operation theatre, said the hospital in a statement on Monday.

Dr Santosh Kumar Sharma, consultant neurosurgeon said: “Satish was bleeding profusely, and we had to stop his bleeding by restraining the broken facial bones so that they did not injure the blood vessels further.”

He was stabilised in ICU and after three days, surgical procedures were planned and Satish, the sole bread winner to a family of four, living in the UAE for the last four years and working in a local carpet manufacturing firm, underwent a series of operations.

Firstly, a tracheostomy was performed, bypassing the obstructed upper airway and providing for a prolonged artificial respiration.

Doctors also removed a section of the skull to access the brain underneath to tackle blood clots and swelling of the brain and dural repair while repairing his upper face, orbit, cheek bones and lower jaw bones and lastly the eye suturing.

The last procedure to be performed was to correct a fractured left arm which took close to 12 hours with excellent team work that provided form to his face, brain and removed all the roadside dust, dirt and foreign body elements associated with the accident.

Post surgeries, Satish had to be in ICU for few days.

Dr Sharma said that “such severe brain injuries due to accidents can create behavioural problems and memory loss in patients but in Satish’s case we could manage his condition so well that post-surgery he could recognise his family members”.

Satish could talk and swallow food as he stayed at NMC Hospital, DIP for 28 days, upon his discharge with a complete recovery.

The hospital said it has saved and looked after roughly 5,000 such patients rescued via the DCAS ambulances with 300 on an average per month.

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