Burglar who slashed pilot 15 times has sentence reduced to six months, Dubai court rules

Burglar who slashed pilot 15 times has sentence reduced to six months, Dubai court rules

DUBAI // A man who broke into a home and slashed the householder’s face with a razor blade won an appeal to have his jail term cut from two years to six months.

The Emirati and his compatriot accomplice, aged 24 and 30, were convicted of burglary at Dubai Criminal Court. One was convicted of trespass and physical assault, and the other was found guilty of aiding and abetting.

They denied all charges but were sentenced to two years in jail each, which they challenged at Dubai Court of Appeal.

The householder, a pilot, was left with more than a dozen scars on his face after the early morning assault.

The Irish victim heard noises from the kitchen of his home in Al Safa at about 3.30am on December 24 and thought it was his son preparing a snack.

“I called his name but he didn’t respond, so I headed to the kitchen and saw a masked man holding my wife’s purse, trying to get out of the kitchen door,” said the homeowner, who shouted at the intruder and chased him out into the street, where an SUV was waiting.

“When the driver saw me, he drove off, leaving his accomplice, who fell to the ground, so I grabbed him and we started fighting,” said the pilot, who removed the trespasser’s mask.

The Emirati then took out a razor blade and slashed the pilot 15 times before running off.

The victim’s daughter called police and an ambulance took her father to Rashid Hospital.

Police were able to track down the intruder and his accomplice. One man was arrested at his home, while the other was in police custody for a traffic offence.

No reason for the reduction in sentence was given.

source: thenational.ae

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