The woman denied all the accusations levelled by the man.

Asian man gets 3 months’ jail for illicit sex with Arab woman

The Criminal Court of Ajman has sentenced a 23-year-old Asian man to 3 months in jail followed by deportation for having illicit sexual relations with a 39-year-old Arab woman, reported Al Bayan newspaper on Monday.

The case documents reveal that a deal was struck between the Asian man and the Arab woman to pay her Dh200 for massage. When the man went to the woman’s place, she told the Asian to pay her for sex – which he did.

After having sex, the man asked her for massage, but she refused. The man told her to give his money back. When the woman declined, the man took away her mobile phone, and went out of the building. He waited until she called, and told her that he would give her phone back only if she returns his money.

The Ajman Police patrol went to the location after the matter was reported, and arrested the man for further investigation.

The woman denied all the accusations levelled by the man, adding that he had been calling her many times to show that he wanted to help her after knowing that she was reeling under a financial problem.

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