Arab teen arrested for gruesome cat murder in Ajman

Arab teen arrested for gruesome cat murder in Ajman

Ajman Police have arrested a 17-year-old GCC national who tortured and killed a cat by beating it against a wall in Ajman’s Rashidiya area.

The boy was released on bail after his parents undertook a written pledge that he won’t commit such an act again.

A video of the incident went viral on social media across the UAE, with hundreds of posts condemning the young man, with many pointing out that such a violent act is a violation of the teachings of Islam, and calling for parents to do more to educate children about the human treatment of animals.

One woman even offers to pay Dh10,000 to anyone who could give a description of the boy or provide police with information as to his whereabouts. Major Ibrahim Saleh, Acting Director of the Al Madina Police Station, said that police managed to identify and find the boy after being contacted by a woman who gives care to animals and pets, who demanded that legal action be taken.

Major Saleh added that the boy and his father were brought to the police station, and that the boy said he killed the cat inadvertently when throwing the cat. A friend of the boys later spread the images through Whatsapp and social media, he added.

According to Ajman Police, this is the first time they have dealt with such an incident. Major Saleh urged parents to educate their children to not commit acts of violence against animals and to teach them to treat animals humanely, pointing to the importance of spreading awareness on social media.

Obaid Al Shamsi, a member of the Ajman Parents Council, said that parents should instruct their children and urge them to avoid such behavior, and to not publish or circulate images and videos of such acts being committed.

He added that such incidents are rare in the UAE, where the vast majority of people condemn such acts, which run contrary to the teachings of Islam, which highlight the importance of taking care of animals. Such an act is irresponsible, he noted.

Legal View

According to legal consultant Murtada Majed, such actions are punishable under the Animal Welfare Law, and that fines can range from between Dh 20,000 and Dh 30,000. He added that a perpetrator or his parents can appear in court, and pledge not to commit such acts again. Testimony will be taken from a social worker to examine the behavior that led to the event, and the court will decide if the suspect needs to be referred to a juvenile welfare centre for rehabilitation.


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