ADP launches “Your Health in Ramadan” initiative

The Medical Services Directorate of the Financial and Services Section of the Abu Dhabi Police, ADP, has launched the “Your Health in Ramadan” initiative, which aims to raise the awareness of its recruits and the general public about diseases, as part of the “Year of Zayed Health Plan” and the “Ramadan, Safety and Security Campaign,” to promote safety, security and make the community happy.

Lt. Colonel Abdul Rahim Al Baloushi, Acting Director of the Directorate of Medical Services, said that the initiative aims to raise the health awareness of the community and encourage them to adopt healthy lifestyles, through holding workshops and cultural lectures throughout Ramadan in police centres, government department headquarters, schools and commercial centres.

The Medical Services Administration in Al Ain also confirmed its working hours during the Holy Month of Ramadan, starting at 9:00 and ending at 18:00 daily.

The administration will implement the initiative by providing advice and instructions on using medication for patients during Ramadan while its Health Awareness Team praised their cooperation with the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi in implementing the initiative and achieving its goals.

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