60years old man gropes secretary, insults her at Dubai office

A 60-year-old engineer has been charged at a Dubai court after an employee accused him of sexually harassing her while alone with her at night at office.

The Court of First Instance heard the Syrian man did not only grope the complainant but he also insulted her on February 18, this year in Al Rashidiya.

He denied charges of sexual harassment and verbal abuse at court.

The 34-year-old complainant, an accountant, said she worked at the defendant’s contracting firm in the Silicon Oasis. “I started working there as an accountant and secretary since January this year.

“After all the staff left at 8:00 pm, he started a conversation with me, during which he stood close. I told him to stop it and to stay away from me when he touched my leg and hand. As I stepped back from him, he became angry and insulted me,” she told the prosecutor.

“I then requested him to leave my office. He followed me to the door and as I was about to turn the light off, he stretched out his hand and groped me. He left when I yelled at him.”

The next day, she sent him a WhatsApp message seeking a justification for his behaviour. “He replied by saying ‘sorry for that ok'”, she recounted.

Those messages were used as evidence. The trial has been adjourned to May 20.

source: Khaleejtimes.com


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