Al Safa traffic to ease by June

abu dhabi highwayCompletion of a major flyover on Al Wasl Road by the end of May will help ease traffic in the area and it will open to traffic in early June, according to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

Constant diversions due to ongoing construction work of Dubai Canal have created traffic congestion in the area surrounding Al Safa Park.

Ninety per cent of work on the bridge has been completed and it is expected to open for traffic by early June, helping reduce traffic congestion in the area.

Responding to complaints by motorists, RTA has said that the flyover on Al Wasl Road will open for traffic by June, easing congestion considerably from all sides.

“RTA has recently opened the bridge connecting Al Athar Street to Al Hadiqa Street, which has helped ease the traffic in the area. Moreover, the main bridge on Al Wasl Road is expected to be opened partially by June 2016, further easing the flow,” RTA assured motorists.

The ramp has eased the traffic flow coming from Jumeirah Road and Al Athar Road in the direction of Al Hadiqa Street and Shaikh Zayed Road.

However, traffic heading from Shaikh Zayed Road towards Hadiqa Street and Al Wasl Road continues to suffer, with tailbacks all the way to Shaikh Zayed Road and Meydan Street becoming a norm.

“In the mornings, it takes around 20 to 25 minutes to cover a distance of less than 500 metres between Shaikh Zayed Road interchange two to the Al Safa Park-Al Wasl road junction where Al Wasl Road and Hadiqa Street meet,” said Abdur Rahman, an Al Wasl resident.

Another motorist, who visits the area daily, said traffic is bad from all directions.

“I come from the Greens and I keep trying different routes to enter the area, like Jumeirah Road, Al Wasl Road as well as Shaikh Zayed Road. All three are equally clogged. I know that the traffic is affected by canal works but as a motorist it is frustrating when you see your office a few hundred metres away but you can’t reach it in time,” said Amal Mustafa, a beautician who works on Al Wasl Road.

Though RTA has maintained the same number of lanes on all the roads where work is in progress; including Shaikh Zayed Road, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah Road, Athar Street and Hadiqa Street, traffic continues to be affected due to road works.

The Dubai Water Canal project is expected to be ready by the end of this year, with 80 per cent of the work already completed.

In January this year, an eight-lane bridge on Shaikh Zayed Road was opened for traffic. Work is currently in progress on another eight-lane bridge for traffic heading south, which is expected to be ready by August.

Thirty-five per cent of work on the Jumeirah Road has also been completed and the bridge is expected to open by the end of July.

All three flyovers on Shaikh Zayed Road, Al Wasl Road and Jumeirah Road rise eight metres above the water canal, enabling the passage of boats below.

Construction work also includes bridges leading to the proposed peninsula to the south of Jumeirah Park, and the shifting of utility lines underneath the canal as well as laying alternative conduits below the canal bed to cater to anticipated future requirements.

The drilling work of the 3.2km water canal is expected to be completed in September.



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