20-year-old sets fire to parents’ villa, stabs self in UAE

A 21-year-old Arab man set fire to his house in Al Warqa’a area in Dubai and stabbed himself thrice in an attempt to commit suicide. 

His 57-year-old father and 37-year-old stepmother sustained severe burn injuries and were rushed to the hospital.

The Dubai Police said the son got into a dispute with his father after he remarried in January and wanted to seek revenge. After setting the villa on fire, he went ahead and stabbed himself three times in the neck with a knife. The victims could not be interrogated due to their poor health condition.

Contrary to what many had claimed, the police said that there is no evidence that the young man committed the crime under the influence of any video game.

The Dubai Police received a call regarding a fire in the Al Warqa’a area and alerted the Dubai Civil Defence. The firefighters found the father and his wife with burn injuries and the son in the bathroom, next to a knife. The family was rushed to the hospital immediately. The police have confiscated the knife and petrol found at the villa for further investigation.

Initial interrogations by the police suggest that the son had rushed to the gas station an hour back to buy petrol and set fire to the villa at 1 am when his father and stepmother were sleeping.

A friend of the family told Khaleej Times that the son had asked their maid to go down and prepare food in the kitchen. The driver in the meanwhile accompanied the son to the gas station to buy petrol.

The 21-year-old lived in the United States with his siblings and had come to live with his father in the UAE a year back. His father had remarried a 37-year-old after divorcing his mother. His father had rented a flat for him in Abu Dhabi. On Saturday, he had asked his father if he could stay with them. He was to fly out of UAE on Thursday to join a prestigious University for further education.

The police said they are investigating the case to understand the motive and waiting for the health of the victims to improve.

source: Khaleejtimes.com


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