10.6 m Pakistani kids get polio vaccine

The UAE has successfully vaccinated over 10.6 million children against polio as part of phase-3 of the Project to Assist Pakistan, UAE PAP.

UAE PAP has announced the results of the vaccination campaign for the month of March, which successfully administered 10,668,987 doses of the polio vaccination to children under five including in the provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, and Sindh.

The programme management said that under the slogan ‘Health for All – Better Future,” vaccination teams will continue through the months of April and May to administer second and third doses of the vaccines to intended children.

The UAE vaccination campaign is being implemented in cooperation with the Pakistani leadership and with the aid of the Ministry of Health of Pakistan, the Ministries of Health in the provincial governments, the World Health Organisation, and Unicef, and is administered under the supervision of medical staff specialists of those authorities.

The humanitarian campaign has reached 66 areas in four provinces of Pakistan and aims to administer three vaccination doses per child to more than 10.6 million Pakistani children in the months of March, April and May this year.

Source: emirates247.com

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