Mayweather makes $284k bet on the Warriors

Floyd Mayweather
Floyd Mayweather

Maybe-not-retired boxer and very rich person Floyd Mayweather is also something of a prophetic gambler, based on two Instagram posts flaunting his recent basketball gambles.

In two wagers, Mayweather netted more than $280,000, all for betting on the success of the Golden State Warriors.

In the first, the boxer put down $170,000 on Golden State pulling the Oklahoma City Thunder into a Game 7 for the Western Conference Finals. When the Warriors proved him prediction correct, Mayweather won $391,000 for a total profit of $221,000.

In the second bet, Mayweather wagered that the Warriors would be up by halftime in Game 1 against the Cleveland Cavaliers, which took place on June 2. He threw down $70,000 and won that one too, landing himself a win of $133,636.36 for a cash total of $63,636.36.



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