Artist turns dead cat into thousand dollar handbag

Artist turns dead cat into thousand dollar handbag

Tom the taxidermy cat was found dead on the side of the road before it was made into art

A dead cat has been turned into a handbag and sold on an online market place for $400 Australian dollars.

A New Zealand artist Claire Third decided to create a furry cross body bag out of the dead corpse of a fluffy feline because she thought the house animal had a “nice face”, although the body was “squashed.”

Claire auctioned off the couture piece on the online marketplace Trade Me for $1,400 Australian dollars, which described the item as “artistic passions and desire to engineer the surreal, particularly using feral and domestic felines.”

Speaking to Stuff newspaper, Claire said: “He had a particularly nice face, and the rest of him was squashed.”

The bag has reportedly been sold for $400 Australian dollars.


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